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My close friend and her mother were approached by a "scout" at the Queens Center Mall a few months ago. I was appalled to hear that this company charged 700 plus dollars for pictures to be taken of her at their office. They charged $45 for the CD of the pictures. Then they talked her mother into signing a vauge contract--and she is not from this country and did fully understand that you have ONLY 3 DAYS to cancel it and only through certified mail and some other tricky way--instead of giving a simple refund in 30-60 days.This company then called her and offered a second contract and asked for more money to UPGRADE for 4 more years!!!!!

This cost over $1000 dollars. Then they called her about a job for MACY'S saying she was selected out of all the other kids. The job was then cancelled and she never worked ONE SINGLE DAY--This is the

list of excuses: " MACY'S has changed the date of the shoot (May 27)", "The Director/Manager '''JAMES" was not available", "James is in the hospital", "Oh the moved company and he's not around". --Wait, how does the company moving have anything to do with him being available???


Anyone who has dealt with or who is thinking of doing so MUST STOP NOW! Do not

trust anything they say---even TYRA BANKS knows that a true agency will not ask for

thousands of dollars without any work ever being done at all.

I will report them--contact the Consumer Af'fairs bureau and expose them for their


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