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New Faces found me on Casting Calls 360. Offering me a photo shoot from Target that I never received. They told me I had to pay a one time $24.95 which was debited from my account every month until I made them stop. I never got any results from this company. I asked them to cancel my membership, because it was just a waste of my money and time. They told me to wait six months and I will see results. I didn't get any results. I emailed them and... Read more

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it happen to me...scam from this company in queens mall center. i thought the mall and a lady approach my kids and got my number. we went and got convince my kids are really nice looking. we paid for the photo shoot. later a week, i need to pay more because the photo negative and the website. further i was called to congrulate my kids to pick for macy contract. before i went they ask to pay up front, otherwise they give to other kids. ... Read more

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My close friend and her mother were approached by a "scout" at the Queens Center Mall a few months ago. I was appalled to hear that this company charged 700 plus dollars for pictures to be taken of her at their office. They charged $45 for the CD of the pictures. Then they talked her mother into signing a vauge contract--and she is not from this country and did fully understand that you have ONLY 3 DAYS to cancel it and only through certified... Read more

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omg i was just searching for new faces development and saw all off the review about this business i'm about to cry i payed $300 for photo shoot fee $500 , $45 for the cd and $275 for online service for 6month after that i was waiting and hoping that i will get a call but its been 7 months after reading so many review about it im sure i lost all of my money now i don't no what to do , it was for my daughter she is 26 months can some one... Read more

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new faces devt, company call us for appointment too telling us they'll evaluate if baby have talent for GERBER model.scouted at the mall no fee or money involved they said but after the manipulations good tactics and assurance that baby got a job waiting we end up charge for 1 outfit with corresponding amount for photoshoot to pay... saying we have to pay for it so they can send and show it to thier affiliates so if they choose your baby for... Read more

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well i also got rob by this so call company in hicksville ny, they made it so real we believe it!! i am so mad at myself. we spend over 4,000.00 in this *** company!! first the appoiment then talking and getting convince with this tovar after that are the pictures my son took and then more money!! i don't know why i didnt look them up. is been over a year know and i havent heard about them!! i have call them and they always make up stories.... Read more

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I am writing to report about New Faces in Hicksville. They are running a complete circus show at that company at the expense of hundreds of people's hard earned money. The worst part of all, is that these people are "specialized "in kids, so they corner you playing with your own and your kid's emotions, ambitions and/or expectations. It's an ugly job, using parent's love for their children to ripping them off money. Let me tell... Read more

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Same story, my children were scouted at the mall. We were finally convinced through their numerous phone call, and went there on 1/22/11. We waited for hours and told them to come back another day. THEY THEAT US, ONCE U LEAVE, YOU'RE CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ANYMORE (we got fooled)! We signed and paid $1,500. We were given a photshoot date 1/29/11@10am. We're told it's discounted. We were about to leave, James Muniz, forced us and told us... Read more

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I want everyone aware of this agency. It is not licenced, it is a place that preys among innocent parents and children. They scammed me out of $850. I took my daughter for an appointment and right away the art of persuasion started from Mecca H who works there. She showed us packages right away and we purchased from her great tactics of manipulation. Right away without reading the contract, they took pictures of my daughter. I went home uneasy... Read more

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